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Last Pick


Jessica Mellor


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Science, Apocalyptic, Aliens, Action, Survival

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Book Review


Three years ago, aliens invaded the Earth. They took with them everyone between the ages of sixteen and sixty-five, leaving only those they felt were useless. Sam and Wyatt are twins set on surviving and figuring out where their parents have been taken. Sam sneaks around to get food and supplies so that hopefully her genius twin can figure out where everyone has been taken. The two give people hope by masquerading as “bird one,” a hero who fights against the aliens. When Sam and Wyatt turn sixteen, it’s time for them to be taken away by the aliens. After finding a group of people that may be able to help them, they finally get a clue that may lead to their parents…or to a trap. Sam is captured and so it’s up to Wyatt to be “bird one,” the last hope for Earth.