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Tiger vs. Nightmare


Olivia Hales


Outstanding, Preschool, Primary, Tiger, Friends, Graphic Novel, Monster, Friendship

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Book Review


Tiger and Monster do all the awesome stuff best friends usually do together. At bedtime, once Tiger and Monster finish playing their games and are ready for bed, Monster takes post and keeps watch for nightmares. Monster is very good at scaring away nightmares; in fact, the last time Tiger even had a nightmare was when Monster was on vacation. But that changes when a really nasty nightmare turns the tables and scares Monster instead. The next morning Tiger wonders why she had a nightmare. After another failed night on watch, Monster decides to work with his best friend in order to beat the unbeatable. It takes a few tries, but with Monster’s help, Tiger realizes that nightmares are just in her head. That night she bravely banishes the nightmare by declaring the truth—it’s not real. From here, everything changes! Trouncing nightmares as a team is a cinch, and now Monster gets to enjoy a good night’s sleep too.