Article Title

The Night Gardener


Karen Abbott


Outstanding, Intermediate, Scary, Story-telling, Haunted, Suspense, Halloween, Paranormal, Fairytale, Spooky, Familial Love

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Book Review


Fourteen-year-old Molly has lied her way into a servant's position, but when she and her brother Kip arrive at the mansion, both feel a sense of dread coming from the house and the enormous tree in front of it. But there is nowhere else for the orphaned children to go. Molly gets to work on the house, the kitchen, and the children while Kip (who has a lame leg) sets to work on the grounds around the house. The family all appear to be sick and something isn't quite right in the house. A phantom figure comes each night and enters each sleeping person's room for a mysterious reason that Kip and Molly must discover if they and the family are going to survive. They will also have to face their own darkest secrets and strongest heart's desires. Things they have kept silent even from each other. The love of family is the secret that saves them all in the end.