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The Me I Meant to Be


Dependable, Young Adult, Teens, Best Friends, Romance, High school

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Book Review


Best friends Willa and Flor have always had each other's backs—until the day that Willa kisses Zach, Flor's ex-boyfriend. Flor has enough on her plate with soccer, plummeting grades, her dad's new girlfriend, and missing Zach, but now she feels like she has lost her best friend too. However, despite everything she's dealing with, Flor starts developing feelings for her brooding, mysterious math tutor, Grayson. Meanwhile, Willa wants to explore her blooming relationship with Zach while still being loyal to Flor. At the same time, she's trying to keep peace in her family with her dad away at work and her sister moving back in with a baby. Ultimately, after some surprising twists and turns and plenty of steamy moments, the two girls reconcile and both end up with the guys of their dreams.