Katie Irion


Excellent, Primary, witches, friendship, family, Halloween, love

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Book Review


The Doon's life is very ordinary until one Halloween night when little Felina's broomstick breaks. Since witches are only allowed to fly on Halloween night and no other broomstick in the house is enchanted, Felina will be with them for at least a year. At first the witch has a very difficult time. Witches only eat bats and gizzards, they never take baths, and they never take off their hats because that is where they keep their magic. The Doons help her find happiness though and eventually Felina learns that going to school, eating chicken and dumplings, having a grandfather, and celebrating a birthday is even better than being a witch. Instead of going back to the land of witches, Halloween finds Felina at home, enjoying time with family.