Taylor Nelson


Outstanding, Young Adult, Faerie, Courts, Intrigue, Love, Vulnerability

Document Type

Book Review


After the shocking revelation that her little brother Oak is the rightful heir to the Faerie crown, Jude has placed Cardan on the throne under her control. She is now his seneschal and, due to a secret bargain, has the power to control his every move. As the real authority behind the throne, Jude has to navigate the politics and intrigue of Faerie. Other courts may be plotting to undermine Cardan’s rule, and the Undersea is threatening to overthrow the entire land. As it becomes clear that someone she trusts intends to betray her, Jude struggles to balance the responsibilities and dangers of managing a kingdom, her changing relationships with her family in the aftermath of her political plot, and ever-increasing and confusing feelings for Cardan. As her rule goes on, the strain begins to show, and only time will tell if a mortal can ever make it in the ever-shifting Faerie world.