Amanda Bishop


Excellent, Intermediate, Science Fiction, friendship, future, robot, dystopian

Document Type

Book Review


Auden Dare cannot see color. What’s worse is that he lives in a time of war and water shortages. Auden and his mother are about to move with their meager belongings while his father is away fighting in the Water Wars. They have inherited a house from his deceased uncle, a university scientist. Auden comes into contact with Vivi, a classmate, who also received a letter from his uncle. The two begin to form a friendship as the piece together the mysterious clues left behind for them. They soon discover a robot named Paragon that was created by the uncle. Paragon seems to know a lot about poetry, history, and the scientific names of animals, but little about what his purpose is. Auden and Vivi begin to form a friendship with this peculiar robot, but they know that he must stay hidden. The Water Allocation Board and military begin to suspect his existence and the children must work together to find out Paragon’s true purpose.