Braxton Church


Outstanding, Young Adult, Fantasy, Dreams

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Book Review


After Sarai’s death in the first book, Minya captures Sarai’s ghost in the citadel in the sky. Unless Lazlo agrees to help her kill the humans who are responsible for the death of the gods and the other godspawn, Minya will let Sarai fade away. In desperation, the others drug Minya, buying time to search for a solution. But the godspawn need to answer one question: what happened to the thousands of godspawn that came before them? In the middle of their floating citadel, they discover a tear between realities. Through it comes Nova, the sister of one of the slaughtered goddesses. In her grief, Nova kidnaps Lazlo and takes the entire citadel. But only Sarai, who has the power to enter dreams, can heal Nova’s ache for her lost sister. She is able to give Nova the peace she’s sought for centuries and allow Nova to let go of her grief.