Article Title

Meant To Be


Giselle Davis


Dependable, Young Adult, Romance, Contemporary, Science Fiction, Fate vs Choice

Document Type

Book Review


Six years ago, names began showing up on people's chests when they turned eighteen. These names are "meant-to-be's" (MTBs), the name of the person you are destined to fall in love with. Agatha Abrams hates the idea of MTBs, so she spends the summer not-quite-dating her crush from work, Luke. But as the summer goes on, Aggy's mind can't help but wander to her MTB: Who is he and why hasn't he tried to find her? Aggy stubbornly continues to avoid anything to do with her MTB until his younger sister reaches out to her. Faced with the reality that she wants to know who this boy is, and with a little encouragement from her friends and family, Aggy and Hendrix begin to talk and learn more about each other. Aggy learns that even seeking out the person you're meant to be with is still a choice.