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Braxton Church


Excellent, Intermediate, Middle Grade, Art, Family

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Book Review


It was the cat who first saw Inkling crawl out of the sketchbook. The sentient blob of Ink befriends Ethan, assisting him with a comic project for school, then helping Ethan’s widowed father, a graphic novelist, with his latest projects. Inkling knows he’s meant to find something hidden from Ethan and his family. But when Inkling discovers what he’s supposed to find, he is kidnapped. While captured, part of Inkling is cut off, which then grows into a gluttonous, angry version of Inkling called Blotter. Ethan rescues Inkling, but Blotter is driven by the desire to consume Inkling. Sacrificing himself, Inkling seals himself and Blotter back in a sketchbook, saving Ethan’s family. But Inkling has revealed a note left by Ethan’s deceased mother, which finally lets the family heal after her death.