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How to Knit a Monster


Dependable, Preschool, Primary, Kindness, Goats, Sheep, Knitting, Monsters

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Book Review


Greta the goat leads a simple life, until she discovers one day that her knitting has special power to bring yarn to life! When mean old Mrs. Sheep starts criticizing Greta’s handiwork, Greta angrily ties off her knitting—and a yarn wolf emerges, swallowing up Mrs. Sheep! Greta knits a tiger to stop the wolf from eating Greta herself, but to stop the tiger, then she must knit something even bigger: a monster! Once the monster consumes the tiger, Greta quickly unravels the yarn, leaving an astounded and apologetic Mrs. Sheep in a heap on the floor. Back to knitting, Greta unknowingly awaits another yarn creation coming to life.