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How It Ends


Becca Wilhite


Dependable, Young Adult, Best Friends, Friendships, Mean Girls, First Love, High School

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Book Review


Annie and Jessie each dread school for legitimate reasons, but when they become instant best friends, worries disappear. Their opposites-attract magnetism feeds what each girl is missing: Jessie craves Annie's confidence, and Annie would give anything for Jessie's close family. Even inside the best friend relationship, though, each girl struggles and suffers through her own secret battles. Jessie refuses to tell Annie about her anxiety, and Annie can't share her excitement about falling in love with Jessie's longtime crush. As their individual fears are fueled by gossip, rumors, and assumptions, their friendship falls apart in the midst of a drama-filled high school culture. Each girl reaches a crisis—separately, alone. As they push their way back to individual stability, they discover that their friendship might be worth fighting for as well.