Megan Hall


Outstanding, Primary, Intermediate, Pearl Harbor, World War Two, United States, Japan

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Book Review


The morning of December 7, 1941, on Oahu seemed a day like any other. But when the bombs began to fall, the United States, and ultimately the world, would never be the same again. Lisa Owens tells the story of that day through witnesses and historians. The perspective of soldiers, civilians, nurses, and even young girls are shared in this book. The attack on Pearl Harbor lasted three hours, and left 3,581 United States citizens (both military and civilian) dead. The heroic acts of those present that day saved many lives, but left them with memories of a day they will never forget. The attack on Pearl Harbor led the United States to declare war on Japan and enter the conflict of World War II. This prominent event in United States history will be better understood by those who read this book.