Article Title

Every Day #1: Every Day


Abigail Packard


Excellent, Young Adult, Romance, Existentialism, Hope

Document Type

Book Review


A plays by the rules. Never get attached. Never interfere in the other person’s life. Avoid standing out. With those rules in place, life goes as smoothly as it can go for a person that inhabits the bodies of different people every day. A has found a secret peace in this lifestyle, until A meets Rhiannon, the girlfriend of Justin whose body A inhabits one day. That one day with Rhiannon is enough to push A to do the unthinkable: return to Rhiannon the next day and the day after, each day as a different person, but still as A. When A confides in Rhiannon, she is not convinced, but as time progresses and she continues meeting A as a girl, a boy, another girl, but always A, Rhiannon is forced to confront the truth. Rhiannon and A realize that what they have may be beautiful but cannot last. In the face of impossibility, A inhabits a boy that is fun, kind, and genuinely good. A knows that this boy can be trusted with Rhiannon. A and Rhiannon have a beautiful final day together, and A leaves her with this boy.