Abigail Packard


Excellent, Young Adult, Abuse, Kidnapping, Romance

Document Type

Book Review


Judith Finch and her friend disappeared from their small town of Roswell Station four years ago. Two years ago, only Judith returned with her tongue cut out. Unable and unwilling to speak about the horrors she has experienced, Judith tries to inhabit the life she left behind. But her mother has grown into a bitter woman, and her little brother is now a man. The townsfolk look on Judith with fear and suspicion. Lucas Whiting, Judith’s childhood friend and secret love interest, is about to be married. And who would believe that Ezra Whiting, Lucas’s father and one of the town’s leaders, was the man responsible for Judith’s disappearance? After Judith escapes, she returns to Ezra’s hidden home in order to get the firearms he’s looted and give them out to the men to save Roswell Station. During the battle, Ezra appears and dies a war hero. With his death, the townsfolk question where Ezra has been for the past few years. The story culminates when Judith and Lucas are accused of whoredom, only to be cleared when Judith finally decides to speak her truth.