Abigail Packard


Dependable, Young Adult, Fairy Tale, Curses, Magic, Romance

Document Type

Book Review


When Feyre shoots a wolf in the forest, her life is changed forever. The wolf is a faery sentry sent out to the border between the human and faery worlds. Tamlin, a fierce faery high lord, shows up and demands that Feyre accompany him back to the immortal faery realm as payment for this murder. Feyre returns with him and slowly learns of the political intrigue and magic of the faery realm. The Spring Court, of which Tamlin is the ruler, has been under a curse for nearly fifty years, and a vengeful faery from another realm has taken over as Queen of the seven courts. Feyre becomes entangled in the faery world despite her hopes of escape, and she begins to develop feelings for her mysterious captor. But then Tamlin is swept away by Queen Amarantha and Feyre follows him only to be swallowed up by the maniacal Night Court. Feyre is offered a chance at escape when Amarantha approaches her with three brutal tests. Feyre succeeds in completing all three and, with Tamlin’s help, defeats Amarantha.