Article Title

The Language of Spells


Karen Abbott


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, Friendship, Family, Quest, Dragons, WWII, Magic, Rules, Empathy, Compassion

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Book Review


As a young dragon, Grisha is ensorcelled into a porcelain teapot. Grisha the teapot is eventually purchased by a man with an eye for magic, who sees that the teapot is a real dragon. Grisha spends years learning love from this man and his family until the time comes that he is set free. The last of the world's dragons are being summoned to Vienna shortly after WWII where some are put to work in the city and the rest disappear. In Vienna, Grisha meets a lonely little girl named Maggie and they become fast friends. Together they seek the fate of the missing dragons and must make a very heroic sacrifice to set them free. A sacrifice that they must make together. Grisha's special ability appears at last and turns out to be the unique sensitivity that he has for humans, especially his beloved Maggie, an ability that saves a bit of magic in this world.