Article Title

The Impossibility of US


Katie Irion


Excellent, Young Adult, love, death, racism, mother daughter relationships

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Book Review


Elise didn't think that life could get any harder after losing her brother to war and moving to a new city, but then she met Mati. Mati is only in America for the summer and is from Afghanistan, which is painful for Elise because her brother was in Afghanistan when he was killed. Both of their families are against their friendship. Despite the obstacles, they fall in love and spend every minute together. Before they know it, the summer is ending, and with only one week left together, Elise finds out that Mati is already promised to a girl at home. Even though this initially breaks her heart, her love for Mati is too great and they reconcile before he goes home. Eventually Mati defies his culture and his family to attend college in America, and against all odds, Mati and Elise get their happy ending.