Meagan Andrus


Dependable, Young Adult, baseball, high school, romance, friendship, sports, team

Document Type

Book Review


When Farmington South and Farmington East high schools are forced to merge due to an accidental fire, Eve Marshall and Jamie Abrams are dismayed to learn that each school's sports teams will be merging as well. Jamie is the captain of the East baseball team; Eve is the former star pitcher and only female member of the South baseball team. Their competitive natures dictate that they have to fight each other, but the fact that they're now teammates says otherwise. At first it's incredibly difficult for Eve and Jamie to even be in the same room together, but slowly their defenses start to come down. Eventually, they realize that there's a lot to be admired about the other person, and both develop feelings. But Jamie's been a player in matters other than baseball, and Eve is slow to trust others and let them in. Both Eve and Jamie have to make some difficult adjustments in their attitudes and in their actions if they want to be able to win not only baseball games but also the other's heart.