Article Title

The Flight of Swans


Meagan Andrus


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, fairy tale, fantasy, family, curse, romance

Document Type

Book Review


When twelve-year-old Princess Andaryn's father reappears after being lost in the forest with a new and otherworldly wife, the princess and her six brothers are naturally suspicious. But within a matter of days, the new Queen has used her enchantments to take away everything that Ryn loves and holds dear: her father is enchanted and beyond her reach, her castle is burned to the ground, and her brothers are nearly killed. In order to save her brothers, Ryn promises to stay silent for six years. Th Queen turns her brothers into swans, only becoming human on nights with a full moon. On her journey to breaking the enchantment, she learns a lot about trust, loyalty, survival, and the power of words. Ryn may have to keep silent for six years, but she proves that she doesn't need words to stand tall and fight back.