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Supergirl Mixtapes


Meagan Andrus


Significant Shortcomings, Young Adult, New York City, family, drug addiction, neglect, music, 1990s, high school

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Book Review


Maria Costello has not seen her mother in four years, and has not lived in the same house with her since she was three. Instead, Maria has lived with her father in a sleepy South Carolina town. But eventually the small-town life starts to stifle Maria, and she convinces her dad to let her go live with her mother in New York City. Maria's mom is exciting and fun, and at first, Maria feels right at home. After bad experiences at her private school in the city, a few angry and abusive outbursts from her mother, and the release of a secret Maria was trying to keep, New York doesn't quite hold the same enchantment it did before. Maria also discovers a few more things about why her mother doesn't really work, why she left Maria's dad, and why her dad never wanted her to live with her mom in the first place. Maria ends up having to grow up rather quickly and is forced to live with shattered innocence and lost hopes for a happy relationship with her mom.