Jamie Greenwood


Significant Shortcomings, Intermediate, Middle school, junior high, doodles, ADD

Document Type

Book Review


Stuck in the Middle (Of Middle School): A Novel in Doodles features the story of Doreen, also known as Dodo or Doodlebug, a young girl attending middle school with her two best friends. Doreen has ADD and she doodles almost constantly in order to “survive” her school day. Her doodles are comparable to a journal as they detail the events of her life. Doreen finds herself trying to solve problems that have come up in her life, including helping her little sister, Maureen, or Momo, to find friends her age at school, asking Marco to go to the school dance with her, and helping her dad to feel valued and appreciated while her mom’s career takes off. In the end she sets Momo up with “The Cootietts” to sing karaoke at the school dance, enjoys the slow dance she dreamed of with Marco, and reminds her dad of the art projects he enjoyed making in college.