Article Title

Paper Wishes


Emma Patton


Dependable, Intermediate, japan, World War II, art, dogs, grandparents, siblings, interment camps, friendship, traditions, culture, politics

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Book Review


Ten-year-old Manami’s whole life changes when her family, along with other Japanese-Americans, are forced to move away from their homes to prison camps around the United States. Manami and her family end up in the California desert—a huge change from the beautiful island in Washington where she grew up. After Manami gets her precious dog, Yujiin, taken away during the relocation and after the shock of such dismal living conditions, Manami finds that she is unable to speak. Instead, she finds solace in drawing. She draws pictures and writes notes to Yujiin and releases them into the wind, hoping that he will find them and know where to find her. Soon, Manami realizes that even in these circumstances, she still has a family that is trying its best, a passion for learning, and a culture that gives her a sense of identity. Even if Yujiin never comes back, she might still have love to give.