Article Title

A Gift from Abuela


Alyson Hansen


Excellent, Preschool, Primary, Spanish, Latina, multicultural, family

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Book Review


Abuela and Nina are very close and love to spend time together. Their favorite thing to do is sit in the park and eat pan dulce. Abuela wants to show her love for Nina by saving twenty pesos a week until she can buy Nina something special. Unfortunately, things are changing in Mexico, and money is becoming less valuable. Abuela's savings becomes useless as currency changes. As Abuela struggles just to get by, she and Nina grow apart. One day, Nina goes to Abuela's and cleans her home to show her sorrow at being distant lately. While cleaning, she finds the jar that contains Abuela's useless money. Nina and Abuela use the money to create a colorful banner. They end the day doing their favorite thing, eating pan dulce in the park.