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One of Us Is Lying


Bailey Ondricek


Excellent, Young Adult, teen mystery, murder mystery, modern fiction, drama, romantic, who done it, high school thriller Reading Level: Young Adult

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Book Review


Finding themselves unjustly committed to afternoon detention in Mr. Avery’s class, Simon, Bronwyn, Addy, Cooper, and Nate share an experience that will change their lives together. Just when Mr. Avery steps out of the room, Simon has a sudden allergic reaction. The kids respond, but not fast enough, and Simon doesn’t make it. Now the police are saying that one of them caused the attack on purpose. A thrilling and suspenseful “whodunit” mystery, this novel tracks the “Bayview Four” as they try to figure out for themselves exactly how Simon died that day, and in doing so they discover that each of them had plenty of reason for resentment towards Simon.