Article Title

My Life with the Liars


Emma Patton


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, religion; dark; light; family; truth; abuse; trauma; brainwashing; growing up

Document Type

Book Review


It is Zylynn’s first time in the Darkness. That is, it is her first time outside of the religious compound where she was born and raised. She knows that the Darkness is full of liars, so even though the people around her say they want the best for her, she knows that they would do anything to trick her, because that’s what Father Prophet said. At first, Zylynn tries anything she can to remain untainted by the Darkness so she can be pure upon her return. But the longer Zylynn spends out in the world with the people who call themselves her family, deciding what is true and what is not becomes more difficult. If the Darkness is so evil, then why is it so much more comfortable than her years in the compound? Zylynn begins to question if it is okay to enjoy the experiences she has outside of the compound, or if it is just an indication that she is falling into the Darkness’ traps.