Rachel Iba


Dependable, Young Adult, lists, realistic, coming of age

Document Type

Book Review


Darren's life feels like it's falling apart. His parents just got divorced and his dad recently came out as gay. Between his only friend moving away, his dad's new boyfriend, his mom's new job in California, and his brother's poor life decisions, Darren spends most of his time alone. Then, Zoey Lovell enters his life. Darren completely falls for her, but she disappears almost immediately. Months go by without any contact from Zoey, and Darren eventually learns that she is in a rehab center in New Mexico. His life unravels more and more until everything finally boils over on Thanksgiving. He leaves his family fighting in the middle of the street to go find Zoey, who is home for the holiday. The two go for a drive and feel that together, they might just be able to handle this messed-up world.