Article Title

Jane, the Fox & Me


Emma Patton


Dependable, Intermediate, Young Adult, Loneliness; bullying; friendship; reading; graphic novel; poverty; body image; adolescence; depression

Document Type

Book Review


Helene feels like a big, fat sausage. It’s probably because that’s what the girls she goes to school with have been telling her for what feels like forever. The only time she feels like she can escape her embarrassing life and repulsive body is when she is reading Jane Eyre. Jane Eyre was misunderstood, too. So, when Helene is reading about Jane’s life, she feels like there might just be a place where she fits in, because if Jane was able to find it, maybe she can too. When Helene is forced to go on a camping trip for school, she initially dreads it. And, at first, it is just as miserable as she thought it would be. But when she first catches sight of a fox and then has a chance to make a new friend, the camping trip and life in general start to seem more bearable and perhaps even fun. Helene realizes that, just by making one connection, her whole world could open up in ways she never thought possible.