Becky Jamieson


Significant Shortcomings, Intermediate, Slavery, Spaceships, Friends, Right vs Wrong

Document Type

Book Review


None of the boys slaving away truly remember their lives before the relic mine. Daniel Coldstar, however, is determined to get out. With the help of a relic, Daniel makes his way up to the world’s surface and out into space. He makes friends with Hex, an anatom, and Truth Seekers Ionica and Ben. The Truth Seekers are a powerful interstellar organization that tries to keep peace within and among the many different human-colonized worlds. With the help of the Truth Seekers, Daniel returns to rescue the other kids still trapped in the mines. There, he finds that those he once called friends have joined up with their former captor. Unable to fight the other children, Daniel and his friends retreat and get ready to fight another day.