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Meagan Andrus


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, prison break, middle school, friendship, racism, family, prison, poetry, journalism

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Book Review


Seventh grader Nora Tucker is looking forward to a summer full of cookouts, hikes, and swimming. Her plans for the year go awry when the high-security prison near her home has a breakout. Now two killers are on the loose somewhere near Nora's sleepy town in upstate New York, and the residents are becoming more fearful and distrusting. Inspired by her English teacher, Nora and her friend Lizzie set out to document the events of the breakout through letters, text messages, voice recordings, and more. Along the way they get to know Elidee, a new girl who has just moved to the town to be closer to her brother, an inmate in the prison. Elidee, Nora, and Lizzie all experience the breakout differently, but they all come a little closer to their families, their community, and each other during the harrowing trial that defines the end of their seventh grade year.