Emma Patton


Dependable, Intermediate, Young Adult, girls, friendship, moving, puberty, adolescence, school, romance, family, religion, spirituality

Document Type

Book Review


Margaret just wants to be like everyone else. After her family moves from New York City to a suburban town in New Jersey, Margaret is confronted with questions she’s never had to face before. In her new town, every family is heavily involved in their respective church communities, but Margaret’s family is not religious. Margaret is also entering a new phase of her life. Her new friends talk about boys and the development of their bodies, and they seem to demand that Margaret do the same. Once she sees how far along these girls are, she suddenly feels so immature and fears that they will see how childish she is. As Margaret grapples with these issues that feel so personal and often feels alone, she reaches out to God. She doesn’t know what religion she is or what she believes, but she knows that she is feeling lost and confused, and, at the very least, prayer gives her someone to talk to.