Article Title

Amina's Voice


Emma Patton


Excellent, Intermediate, race; immigration; friendship; religion; Pakistan; Korea; Islam; family; tradition; America; music; community

Document Type

Book Review


Amina is a talented singer who is afraid to perform. She’s also a Pakistani American girl trying to find her place between the traditional culture and religion of her parents and the American way of life that she sees at school. Amina must find her voice for her friends, her family, and her community. She worries about losing her best friend, Soojin, to another girl in the class who Soojin now wants to be friends with, even though Amina isn’t so sure about her. With her family, she has to respect her uncle, Thaya Jaan, even if she disagrees with his strict religious views. And in her community, Amina wants to speak about who she is and how she feels about the world around her, but she doesn’t know if it’s possible to be accepted into her parents’ world of traditional Islam and also accepted into her friends’ world of American life.