Article Title

Amal Unbound


Emma Patton


Significant Shortcomings, Intermediate, Pakistan; teacher; education; sister; books; friendship; family; women; power; freedom

Document Type

Book Review


School is Amal’s whole world. Pakistani girls are not guaranteed an education, but Amal is lucky enough to live near a school, and she loves it so much that she wants to be a teacher. But when Amal makes the mistake of insulting a powerful man, it seems that all her dreams will slip away. Suddenly, she goes from being free to learn all that her heart desires to being a servant in the Khan family’s house for as long as they see fit. Amal finds small bits of joy in her new life, but she often feels hopeless. She considers trying to negotiate her situation, but speaking out of turn is what caused this mess in the first place, and she doesn’t want to make it worse. But she knows that, at her core, she is a girl who does not stay silent about the things that matter. It is this knowledge that helps her to dream that there might be something for her to do to help her situation.