Excellent, Young Adult, High School, Foster Care, Romance, Drug Use, Parent-child Relationships, Forbidden Love

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Book Review


Emma Ellenburg has the perfect life: her father is a retired famous baseball player, they live in an amazing house in California, and she is the perfect student. Nothing can pull her focus away from the thing that matters most, namely, getting into an Ivy League college. That is, until her parents bring home a new foster sibling, Dylan. The two find themselves in the same English class for the semester where they are studying Wuthering Heights. Quickly, it becomes obvious how the two feel about each other, and they become intertwined in a risky and secretive relationship. Things take a downward spiral when Dylan's moodiness seems to take hold of him, causing angry outbursts. These moody spells land Dylan in a severe car accident where he is almost killed. Emma is forced to decide what matters most to her in this crucial period of life, eventually helping the family to return to the closeness they once shared.