Article Title

What We Saw


Emma Patton


Significant Shortcomings, Young Adult, rape; high school; sports; victims; witnesses; friendship; truth; social media

Document Type

Book Review


Kate has a loyal group of girlfriends, a best friend-turned-boyfriend, and complete loyalty to her school and its athletics program. But one drunken party changes everything. A girl at the high school makes allegations of rape against some of the stars of the basketball team. Suddenly, the whole school is caught up in investigations and news reports. A lot of people in their small town, including adults at the school, accuse the girl who made the allegations of trying to stir things up and make a statement. But nobody seems willing to say what actually happened that night, and Kate starts to wonder whether the allegations might be true. After all, if the town doesn’t have any evidence, why do they assume that the victim is lying? The more questions she asks, the more Kate wonders whether it is better to live in ignorance if the truth seems too painful.