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Vincent Comes Home


Excellent, Preschool, Home, cat, sea, travel, family

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Book Review


Vincent the cat has never been home. He leads a life of adventure sailing all around the world on the cargo ship where he lives. Though the list of destinations he has seen is impressive and enviable, what he really wants is to experience this “home” he hears so many of the sailors refer to with great excitement. The ship docks and Vincent leaves the ship to discover a city, which at first glance is completely underwhelming. As he wonders what the sailors see in this “home” that makes it so great, he notices that one by one the men enter buildings filled with smiling, happy people to greet them, all who seem excited by their return. Just as Vincent is starting to understand that home is more of a feeling than a specific place, the captain finds Vincent and announces that he intends to take Vincent home.