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Maryn Wheeler


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, fairy tale, tailor, coming-of-age, kingdom, giants

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Book Review


Saville and her father, a tailor, move to the kingdom of Reggen, which is being threatened by giants and a duke claiming to be the heir to the throne. When her father becomes ill, Saville disguises herself as a boy and convinces King Eldin to hire her as tailor. As the giants get closer, the King Eldin offers his sister’s hand in marriage to anyone who can defeat them. To rescue a homeless boy, Saville tricks the scouting giants, which convinces the people of Reggen that she is “the champion” who will defeat the immortal duke. When King Eldin and Lord Verras discover her disguise, they panic to find a “real” champion. To save the kingdom, Saville and Lord Verras search history and legends to find out more about the duke and giants. In the end, Saville, Lord Verras, and Will, the homeless boy, discover a way to defeat the duke and befriend the giants.