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Track #1: Ghost


Emma Patton


Outstanding, Intermediate, Young Adult, track, running, team, jail, fighting, poverty, single parent, mentor, friendship, discipline

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Book Review


The first time Ghost remembers running was also the scariest moment in his life. When his father got violent and started shooting, he and his mom ran as fast as they could. Years later, Ghost has the opportunity to run again. This time, his dad isn’t in his life. This time, it’s not for survival. This time, it’s on a team of other talented runners. Ghost knows that he’s got what it takes to be great. Even as a new member of the team, he’s already one of the best. But he wonders if he could really belong on the team. After all, he lives in a different neighborhood than the other kids on the team. He doesn’t have any fancy running clothes or shoes, and he has a long record at school of all the times he’s gotten in trouble. Plus, he still carries around the haunting memories of that night when he first ran. No matter how fast he learns how to run, he’ll never be able to outrun that.