Emma Patton


Significant Shortcomings, Young Adult, graphic novel; China; death; marriage; travel; poverty; romance; murder; spirituality; family; tradition; brothers

Document Type

Book Review


Deshi’s brother Wei is dead, and Deshi feels he is responsible. Since Wei was unmarried when he died, he is doomed to be alone in the afterlife. That is, unless Deshi can find a female body to join with his brother’s in a post-mortem wedding ceremony before the burial. Deshi’s parents’ expectations are clear: come back with a bride for his brother by the Sunday burial, and he has a chance at earning their forgiveness. Deshi fully commits to his task, knowing that he will do anything to rid himself of the guilt he feels. He meets Lily Chen, a poor but ambitious girl from a small town, but Deshi knows that Lily has so much life ahead of her and he’s not sure he can take that from her. Unfortunately, if he doesn’t find anyone else, she may be his only option.