Maryn Wheeler


Dependable, Primary, Intermediate, sisters, magic, giants, humor, mixed-up fairy tale

Document Type

Book Review


Just when Lavender, a day-dreamer, thinks her chances of marrying a prince are gone, she finds a magical snail to make her dreams come true—only it’s not as she expected. A giant snatches her house and all who are in it and takes them to the Land of Giants to be his daughter’s new birthday toys. When Lavender finds a prince in the Land of Giants, she assumes he is the love of her life. Her practical sister Eliza, a regular-sized boy giant named Bonnet, and their goat, Gertrude, set out to save Lavender from making a mistake and find a way back home. With many mishaps along the way, they manage to return home safely. Lavender realizes that she is happiest at home with those she loves.