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The Supervillain and Me


Meagan Andrus


Excellent, Young Adult, superheroes, romance, teenager, high school, family, friendship, musicals

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Book Review


Abby Hamilton is the younger sister of the Red Comet, her city's most beloved superhero. Abby just wants to get the lead role in her school's musical, and maybe get a few minutes of attention from her father and her busy superhero brother. But when a new supervillain, the Iron Phantom, arrives in town and begins to talk to Abby, things get a bit more complicated. Between rehearsing for the musical, hiding secrets from her family and best friend, trying to help the Phantom with unraveling a dastardly conspiracy, and subsequently dealing with her budding feelings for the Iron Phantom, Abby has a lot on her plate. The people of Morriston might believe that only superheroes can save the day, but Abby shows that anyone with courage and determination can be a hero.