Sam Whitaker


Outstanding, Young Adult, Science

Document Type

Book Review


Julian is what he calls a 'uni-sensor' (short for Universe Sensor). He can see things in people that most others wouldn't be able to find even if they take all of their lifetime. When his stressed family moves to Maine to try and run a Bed & Breakfast, Julian uses his vast knowledge of time and space to try and reconnect with his older sister, Pookie, who is very against having to live as a host at the Bed & Breakfast. Then, when things seem like they can't get worse, Mr. X, the family's next door neighbor, places a lawsuit against the family for blocking the view of the nearby lake that his recently-passed-on wife loved so much. Julian decides to take matters into his own hands and visit Mr. X, to see if he can possibly make this grumpy man a little less grumpy. The rest of the book consists of Julian discovering that Mr. X is really in Florida, and that he is also a Uni-Sensor projecting his image to Julian. Then, because of their new special connection, Julian feels that Mr. X is having a heart attack, and saves him by calling 911. The book ends with Mr. X and Julian finally meeting face-to-face, and Julian's family reunited.