Karen Abbott


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Suspense, Mystery, Nuclear Testing, Family Vacation, Horror, Thriller, Curse, Friends, Secrets

Document Type

Book Review


Every year, Zack's family vacations on a small island off the Pacific Coast. Since his parents' divorce, Zack and his father have not shared an easy relationship. Zack's dad seems to have little time for the three kids and is always on the phone working on his conspiracy theory website. This vacation is no different, at least with Zack's dad, but something is weird this year. Everything feels off, island visitors are going missing, and Zack is noticing that all of the island natives are wearing symbolic jewelry or sporting the same symbol in tattoo form. Zack and his friends race to discover what is going on and to rescue Zack's little brother from the curse that hovers over the island. They discover the island's secret and together they face an uncertain future with consequences they cannot control.