Karen Abbott


Excellent, Intermediate, Young Adult, Haunted, Paranormal, Suspense, Movie Set, Fire, Betrayal, Paranormal Investigation, Military Families, Horror, Thriller

Document Type

Book Review


A daring group of friends slip through the fence surrounding a cursed and abandoned movie set near an airbase in Nevada. Rumor has it that those who go in bring the curse upon themselves, even after they leave. Fire and death have stalked the set, but one of the girls wants to capture evidence of the ghosts. Their excursion ends when they are chased out by a pack of mysterious wolves. Misfortunes continue to follow them over the next few days, until they decide that they need to go back in and rescue a film which may release the captive spirits bound to an earthly existence. It is a narrow escape through fire, but they make it, and set the ghosts free with popcorn and a movie night.