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The Art of the Swap


Tessa McMillan


Excellent, Intermediate, Mystery and detective stories; Impersonation; Art thefts; Mansions; Museums; Time travel; Newport (R.I.); Newport (R.I.)--History--20th century

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Book Review


Hannah Jordan is a huge history buff. Luckily, Hannah receives a daily helping of the past because she lives inside a museum with her caretaker father. The Elms, a mansion-turned-museum, was once the home of the prestigious Berwind family during the 1900s. Hannah’s favorite Berwind story concerns the stolen Mary Cassett portrait of the Berwind’s niece, Maggie Dunlap. While walking the hallways of The Elms one night, Hannah looks in a mirror and sees Maggie’s reflection. When both girls touch the mirror, Hannah and Maggie switch bodies and centuries. With no idea how to switch back, the two girls try to play the part of the other person, but it’s a difficult adjustment. To ease their transitions, Hannah and Maggie work on solving the art heist from their respective time periods. With the help of new friends from the past and present, Hannah and Maggie uncover the real painting without drastically altering time. Both girls are sent back to their own time periods, each with a deep love and respect for one another.