Article Title

Saving Lucas Biggs


Maryn Wheeler


Excellent, Intermediate, science fiction, time travel, friendship

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Book Review


As much as Margaret O’Malley has been told she shouldn’t use her family’s “quirk” of time travel, she feels she could reverse her innocent father’s murder conviction if she did. It is not her father she wants to go back in time to save though, it is the judge, Lucas Biggs. In 2014 with the help of her friend Charlie and his Grandpa Joshua, Margaret defies her family’s advice and travels back seventy-six years to 1938 when Lucas Biggs was Luke Aggripa, age 13. His father was fighting for worker rights against the big mining company, Victory Fuels. When Luke’s father dies, Elijah Biggs, the mine owner, lies to Luke about what happened and takes him in as a son, leaving Luke angry at his father. Margaret finds out quickly that she cannot change the events of that night. When she returns to 2014, she discovers that she has more power to change history now rather than in the past, she just needs to convince Lucas Biggs to listen. Eventually Lucas Biggs opens his mind and heart to the evidence and reality of events currently and historically to reverse John O’Malley’s conviction.