Article Title

Radio Silence


Emma Patton


Excellent, Young Adult, high school; college; bisexual; gay; social media; Internet; England; friendship; art

Document Type

Book Review


Frances Janvier has her whole life figured out. She spends all of her time studying and participating in student government, not because she particularly wants to, but because she knows it would look good on university applications. She also has a secret: she is majorly obsessed with an obscure YouTube podcast called Universe City. When the creator asks her if she would like to collaborate with him for the show, she thinks that it will totally change her life. Little does she know that the creator of Universe City is not a distant internet presence—he’s someone she has met before. Consequently, Frances and the creator’s relationship soon develops beyond just collaboration for the show. They become close friends, and their friendship allows Frances to discover her true self, separate from the person she is at school. But being friends with this boy has its complications. She never guessed how tortured he could be or how spending time with him could unsettle her perfect life plan so completely.