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My Name Is Victoria


Kenzie Pierce


Excellent, Young Adult, Regency Era, Royalty, Princesses, Mystery, Action, Adventure, Friendship, Bravery

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Book Review


Miss V. Conroy is an ordinary eleven-year-old girl living in England, but she is given an extraordinary opportunity when her father takes her to Kensington Palace to become Princess Victoria’s companion. Miss V.’s father is the advisor to the Duchess of Kent, and he takes the princess’ safety very seriously. The princess, however, is convinced that Sir Conroy is imprisoning her with his strict “system.” Princess Victoria’s hatred for Sir Conroy and her sickly, irritable disposition makes it difficult for Miss V. to be a good companion initially; however, the two girls become the best of friends as they spend more time together. When the girls turn sixteen, Miss V.’s loyalty struggles between her father, whose approval she desperately seeks, and Princess Victoria, who is the best friend she has ever had. She ultimately discovers that her father does not care for the royal family but is only trying to claim power for himself. Miss V. is able to take a stand against her scheming father and find a solution to make both the princess and herself as happy as possible.