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Love, Amalia


Excellent, Intermediate, Spanish, Latin-American, Mexican, culture, death, moving

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Book Review


Saying goodbye stinks, Amalia decides when her best friend, Martha, moves away. More than losing a friend, it’s as if only-child Amalia is losing a sister, and she is mad at Martha. Now they can’t giggle in class together or enjoy weekly visits to Amalia’s grandmother, Abuelita. Just when her self-pity is at its peak, Amalia receives even more devastating news—Abuelita has died. Reeling from the loss, Amalia doesn’t want to talk to her unfamiliar relatives in town from Mexico and Costa Rica. All she wants to do is curl up in her bed and cry over memories of Abuelita. Then she discovers letters Abuelita wrote about how caring for Amalia helped her recover from losing her husband, Amalia’s abuelo. Amalia’s own healing process begins. Eventually, Amalia finds the inner strength to reach out and love others as Abuelita did—including her relatives and Martha.