Outstanding, Preschool, Primary, dogs, Christmas trees, Christmas, lost children

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Book Review


Back for a snowy adventure this time, Enzo the dog and Zoë and Denny, his owners, head to the Christmas tree farm. But none of the trees match Zoë’s idea of perfect as she ventures farther into the forest. Soon, caught in a snowstorm, Enzo and Zoë get separated from her father. Although Enzo can’t speak, he does his best to comfort Zoë under a tree. Then he gets an idea—he howls to the dogs they saw pulling sleds. Reunited with Zoë, Denny reassures her: “Sometimes kids get lost. But dads will never stop looking for them—always know that.” And Enzo barks to show them that somehow, the perfect tree found them. As the day winds to a close, Enzo gazes at their tree with a new understanding of the meaning of Christmas: family.